Milkshake: The Novel

When she tries to feed her baby in an art museum, new mother Lauren Bruce  suffers a wardrobe malfunction — and becomes the “Joe the Plumber” of the breastfeeding wars. A sexy politician, running for Massachusetts governor,  enlists Lauren to help her win the women’s vote. Breastfeeding advocates, who  call themselves the BOOBs, want to make her a true believer. And a group called  the MOMs — for “Mothers on Modesty” — wants everyone to cover up. Now, Lauren  has to decide where she stands, all while dealing with political rallies, breast pumps, talk show hosts, perfect-mommy friends, and post-baby sex.

Milkshake is available  on Kindle and in print.

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Reviews of MILKSHAKE:
“A chuckle-out-loud, parodying page-turner about the politics of the new momism” –

“Smart, compassionate, gently ferocious and always hilarious, MILKSHAKE is about the spectrum of women’s mothering choices, breasts, breastfeeding, and babes, and how competition doth make fools of us all. Utterly charming.”

Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Save Us and The Stormchasers

“There are boobs … and then there are boobs. In Joanna Weiss’ wickedly funny, perceptive novel we get politicians and the other kind, whence comes breast milk. All these boobs make
for an original, oft times hilarious story for new mothers, longtime mothers…and campaign managers. (The only requirement is that you carry an unspoken disdain for the perfect mothers.)”

Margo Howard, syndicated and on-line advice columnist

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