If Matthew McConaughey Runs for Office, Which Role Should He Reprise for the Campaign Trail?

McConaughey is a kind of chill A-lister with a record of civic engagement in Austin and a bordering-on-self-parody nonchalance, applied regularly to Lincoln car commercials. As a politician, he’s a blank book in many ways—but his range of movies gives him a huge menu of potential roles to play off of. Here’s a political reading of some of his top roles—and a snapshot of what they might do for him as a candidate.

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I’m Ready To Double Down On The Joys Of Physical Friendship

When the COVID threat is gone, I predict that we’ll double down on the joys of physical friendship. I want to live dangerously with my besties. I want to double-dip in the guacamole. I want to sip your cocktail to see if I like it, too. I want to scream together into a karaoke microphone. I’ll pick the first song: “With a Little Help From My Friends.”

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I’m keeping an Instagram pandemic diary. When should I stop?

It started as a whim. On the first day of the pandemic lockdown, I noticed my dog and cat lying in a sunbeam, snapped a picture, and posted it to my seldom-used Instagram account. On the second day of lockdown, I posted a picture of a giant chocolate chip cookie I’d made in a skillet. I figured I’d use Instagram to count the next two weeks, which seemed the outer horizon for this strange new state of existence. We all know what happened next. Now, just as it’s unclear when the “COVID era” will end and we’ll be able to venture fully into the hugging, breathing, laughing, singing world, I’m not sure when this daily ritual should stop.

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Why Are American Conservatives Siding With the Royal Family?

If there’s one idea the plebeian citizens of a former British colony should be able to unite around—the ultimate bipartisan issue—it’s a willingness to stick it to the monarchy. Wasn’t this what the founders fought a war for in the first place?

But there’s a good reason why the royal rift in England has prompted a political divide across the pond. The warring takes on Meghan and Harry mirror a difference in worldview that has governed domestic politics for years: between the left, with its focus on systemic change, and the right, with its emphasis on individual responsibility.

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