Chasten Buttigieg is winning the 2020 spouse primary

Few would have expected that the early stars of the 2020 race would be the gay millennial mayor of a mid-size Midwestern city and his 29-year-old husband. Through his very presence, Chasten Buttigieg is breaking ground. But at the same time, what’s most unexpected about Chasten is how conventional he is. At a time whenContinue reading “Chasten Buttigieg is winning the 2020 spouse primary”

The other atrocity in the college admissions scandal

Originally published in WBUR’s Cognoscenti This is, among many other things, a story of terrible parenting. That much is clear from reading the federal affidavit outlining “Operation Varsity Blues,” the investigation into a shockingly brazen scheme of college admissions fraud. It’s a window into the world of gold-plated, wood-paneled helicoptering — and the logical extensionContinue reading “The other atrocity in the college admissions scandal”