Why Matt Lauer’s firing feels different

Originally published in Politico Magazine Even if you weren’t a faithful viewer of NBC’s “Today”—even if you were inclined to feel a little cynical about the whole morning TV enterprise—the news of Matt Lauer’s termination hit like an earthquake. It’s not just that another prominent media name wound up on the list of men behavingContinue reading “Why Matt Lauer’s firing feels different”

Dogless and disheartened

Originally published in the Boston Globe Magazine Several years ago my husband and I did something singularly unwise: Promised our kids, via some combination of Santa Claus and the ancient Hanukkah miracle, that we would acquire a dog in the coming calendar year. It seemed a simple task: Rescue dogs were all the rage, soContinue reading “Dogless and disheartened”

Why won’t TV show people who aren’t rich?

Originally published in Politico Magazine This year marks the final season of what might be the most underappreciated sitcom on TV, ABC’s “The Middle.” It’s a single-camera show about an Indiana family—the title refers to its characters’ Middle-American, middle-class existence—and unlike the edgy comedies and tear-jerker dramas that dominate awards time, its humor is unapologeticallyContinue reading “Why won’t TV show people who aren’t rich?”