‘What Happened’? A better question might be: Why write it?

Originally published in the Boston Globe. One of the enduring critiques of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign was her failure to explain her vision in a cogent, compelling way — to give a reason “why,” beyond a justified feeling that she wanted the job, and could do it well. This was partly cliché, another piece ofContinue reading “‘What Happened’? A better question might be: Why write it?”

Talking points — and the president we need

Originally published in WBUR’s Cognoscenti Maybe this is what happens when we elect a president who doesn’t sound like a politician. Remember that one huge element of Donald Trump’s appeal, back in the 2016 campaign, was his language: The fact that he didn’t use the measured, circumspect tones we’ve come to expect from American politics. TheContinue reading “Talking points — and the president we need”