Is day care impossible?

Originally published in the Boston Globe. ON THE D.C. dinner-party circuit these days, Ivanka Trump is reportedly pushing her pet project: helping women advance in the labor force. As the president’s daughter chats up bigwigs and members of Congress, here’s hoping she’ll bring up the most fundamental challenge for working families: the impossible economics ofContinue reading “Is day care impossible?”

Rooting for Ivanka (maybe)

  Originally published in WBUR’s Cognoscenti. It might be time to root for Ivanka Trump. Not because Nordstrom dropped her shoe line, or Neiman’s dropped her jewelry, or TJ Maxx demoted her clothing from the most prominent racks. Ivanka will survive these retail tragedies. It’s the tawdriness that will be harder to overcome. First, DonaldContinue reading “Rooting for Ivanka (maybe)”