To all the nasty women

Originally published in WBUR’s Cognoscenti “Such a nasty woman.” Toward the end of another long and painful debate, that line from Donald Trump made women sit up on edge, antennae raised. From the start, Trump has built his campaign on epithets and insults, most of them calculated for high entertainment value, like cutesy pet namesContinue reading “To all the nasty women”

The Shimmy

Originally published in WBUR’s Cognoscenti In 2008, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was defined by a teary-eyedmoment in New Hampshire. This time around, it might be the shimmy. When we look back on Monday night’s Trump-Clinton debate, that’s the image that’s going to stick: Clinton, having listened calmly to long and largely incoherent ramble from herContinue reading “The Shimmy”