MILKSHAKE is “zingalicious”

My debut novel is available on Special e-book price: $2.99 for a limited time. Praise for Milkshake “SMART, COMPASSIONATE, gently ferocious and always hilarious, MILKSHAKE is about the spectrum of women’s mothering choices, breasts, breastfeeding, and babes, and how competition doth make fools of us all. Utterly charming.” — Jenna Blum, New York Times bestsellingContinue reading “MILKSHAKE is “zingalicious””

The end of retail politics?

SALEM, N.H. — IF BUDDY Roemer was ever starry-eyed about his candidacy for president, he isn’t anymore. He knows how to read polls, and also calendars. So he had an air of resignation last week as he prepared to meet a friendly but skeptical crowd, a half-dozen locals in a tiny room. “I would haveContinue reading “The end of retail politics?”

A TV list for 2011. Just because.

In my previous job, covering TV for the Globe, I took it upon myself to write an annual top-10 list. Not all critics like doing this; my friend Wesley Morris is always trying to bend the rules, coming up with 11 or 21 entries, or expanding the definition of a “list.” But I like reading lists, and IContinue reading “A TV list for 2011. Just because.”

Courage, cowardice, and TLC’S ‘All-American Muslim’

IT HAS BEEN  deeply amusing to see companies twist themselves into knots to explain why they pulled ads from TLC’s “All-American Muslim’’ — specifically, why caving to a miniscule group of religious extremists does not, by definition, make them companies that cave to a miniscule group of religious extremists. “We have a strong commitment to diversityContinue reading “Courage, cowardice, and TLC’S ‘All-American Muslim’”

Breastfeeding wars: Who’s the enemy?

THINK POLITICS is a brutal, hateful business? Try motherhood. And look at the flood of triumph and frustration that poured onto the Internet last weekend, after Rhode Island hospitals announced they would stop giving out formula gift bags in maternity wards. The “ban the bag’’ movement considers this a substantial victory against a global anti-breastfeedingContinue reading “Breastfeeding wars: Who’s the enemy?”