The rise and fall of Rapunzel

Now, the conversion of Rebekah Brooks is complete, from tabloid operator to tabloid target. The rise-and-fall stories of Rupert Murdoch’s star employee are all the more breathless because she’s photogenic and melodramatic, “the sharp-eyed girl with tumbling, Rapunzel red hair,’’ in the heaving prose of the Daily Mail.

Competitors are sneering at how much her rise depended on her schmoozing skills, her cozy friendships with people she covered, a relationship with her boss that was so tight – according to the Mail – that his wife wouldn’t show up at parties she attended. It’s all very convenient, a little too much: She’s punished for being especially good at a game she didn’t create.

Read the rest of the column from the Boston Globe here.

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  1. At the risk of giving away my political leanings, News Corp makes my blood boil. Manipulative cynical, (and deeply unpatriotic, edging close to fascist) propagandists.

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