Mitt and “The Book of Mormon”

MITT ROMNEY has said he plans to see “The Book of Mormon,’’ the hilarious Broadway musical from the creators of “South Park’’ and “Avenue Q.’’ And there’s a moment in the show when you can practically imagine him onstage.

It comes in the second act, when a group of Ugandan converts puts on a pageant for visiting Mormon leaders: a bawdy, profane, and very incorrect retelling of the story of the Mormon faith. (It involves appearances from certain “Star Wars’’ characters, plus a song-and-dance depiction of how dysentery happens.) As the Mormon leaders watch in shock and disbelief, it’s hard not to notice that they all have very Mitt-like hair.

Which makes one wonder what Romney himself would think of the show. In public, he’s been good-humored. In private, would he fume?

Or would he realize that “The Book of Mormon,’’ blasphemy and all, is precisely the kind of public relations tool that Mormon candidates could use?

Read the rest of the column from The Boston Globe here.

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