Introducing “Milkshake”

“Milkshake,” a satiric novel about dueling moms, sexy pols, and the breastfeeding wars, is available on Kindle and Nook. Join the conversation about books, boobs, and the absurdities of motherhood at (Cover art and design by the amazing Wendy Wahman.)

Stoking the panic on obesity

DR. DAVID Ludwig knew he was peddling a provocative idea: that children who are so obese that their lives are in danger He just thought the debate would take on a reasonable tone. What he’d co-written, after all, was a short, sober piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association, aimed at doctors andContinue reading “Stoking the panic on obesity”

The rise and fall of Rapunzel

Now, the conversion of Rebekah Brooks is complete, from tabloid operator to tabloid target. The rise-and-fall stories of Rupert Murdoch’s star employee are all the more breathless because she’s photogenic and melodramatic, “the sharp-eyed girl with tumbling, Rapunzel red hair,’’ in the heaving prose of the Daily Mail. Competitors are sneering at how much her riseContinue reading “The rise and fall of Rapunzel”

Here’s a story…

IN HONOR of Sherwood Schwartz, the “Brady Bunch’’ creator who died last Tuesday, I spent much of this week bingeing on his most enduring show. I was struck by how many scenes I recalled with perfect clarity: Cindy Brady freezing in front of a TV camera. Peter Brady holding a magnifying glass to his eye.Continue reading “Here’s a story…”

Twitter, Snark, and Obama’s Town Hall

A WEEK ago today, President Obama held the first, and possibly the last, “Twitter Town Hall Meeting.’’ Depending on your perspective, it was either a sign that the president is down with the times, or the latest in a line of gimmicks meant to prove that politicians are down with the times. (I remember aContinue reading “Twitter, Snark, and Obama’s Town Hall”

Casey Anthony vs. Nancy Grace

THE MOST striking thing about Casey Anthony’s acquittal on Tuesday was watching the crowd outside the courthouse in Orlando, howling at the verdict like a medieval mob that had been hoping to see someone drawn and quartered. On one hand, it’s shocking to see such venom in people who knew neither Anthony nor the youngContinue reading “Casey Anthony vs. Nancy Grace”

Mitt and “The Book of Mormon”

MITT ROMNEY has said he plans to see “The Book of Mormon,’’ the hilarious Broadway musical from the creators of “South Park’’ and “Avenue Q.’’ And there’s a moment in the show when you can practically imagine him onstage. It comes in the second act, when a group of Ugandan converts puts on a pageantContinue reading “Mitt and “The Book of Mormon””