Yes, bugger it, I watched the Royal Wedding.

And decided that you’ve got to hand it to those Brits: They know how to wear hats. Could we bring back hats, in America, please? Posh? Can you help? More from The Angle on here. Also: Yes, I bloody well woke up my six-year-old for the wedding because I thought she’d enjoy the pomp.Continue reading “Yes, bugger it, I watched the Royal Wedding.”

Boys, toes, and pink

THIS MONTH, I committed a couple of parental sins involving the scourge of nail polish. As I was painting my daughter’s toenails pink — buying into the culture of girlishness — my 2-year-old son wandered in and announced that he wanted his toes painted, too. I splashed yellow polish on one big toe before heContinue reading “Boys, toes, and pink”

Why I will never be president of the PTO

AM I a terrible person for saying I no longer derive joy from volunteering in my daughter’s first grade class? I realized this last week as I was helping, for the 10th or 12th time, with a weekly enterprise known as “math games.’’ The class is divided into groups of six, who sit at tablesContinue reading “Why I will never be president of the PTO”