“Mad Men:” Groundhog Day

I miss blogging about TV. I miss blogging about TV more than I miss watching too much TV. And tonight’s “Mad Men” season finale made me want to blog. No, Don! No! Do not repeat history! Do not marry your secretary! Do not disappoint Peggy! Do not dump Faye! Do not turn into every other unimaginative ’60s office man!

Or maybe…do. Maybe Don proposing to Megan was the kick in the pants everybody needed. Bobby, Sally and Gene finally get a positive maternal figure. Betty finally gets real comeuppance for her cruel treatment of Carla. Peggy and Joan finally (finally!!!) get a reason to bond. Megan seems…nice enough. And savvy enough to have played Don like a violin with a little no-strings-attached office seduction that paves the way for a California tryst. And maybe Don saw Anna’s gift of a ring as a sign that she wanted him to restart his life. Maybe he really thought the planets had aligned.

But poor, poor Faye…punished for being ahead of her time, for making her way in the working world, for being bad with kids. If she had been good with kids, it might have been her in California.

And poor Peggy, getting upstaged by Don again, and knowing exactly, precisely, what’s going on.

And probably, poor Megan, who — as the “Groundhog Day” reference in the end suggests — will soon be the trophy wife who’s waiting at home with the kids while Don pursues yet another new thing. (“I Got You Babe,” playing in the morning, as history repeats itself? That couldn’t have been an accident.)

And poor me, who will have to wait many months until another new episode. Sigh.

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