Remembering Cronkite

I spent this evening making a round of calls for rememberances of Walter Cronkite. Talked to a former ABC reporter who encountered him in an elevator in Israel, and said that Cronkite scared the bejeezus out of him by saying he was there “in pursuit of the biggest story of the century.” (He was just kidding.) Talked to a filmmaker whose PBS documentary was narrated by Cronkite a few years ago, and said the veteran newsman was a flawless script reader and a stickler for grammar.

All I could think of was the hour I spent today watching “The Wanted,” the new NBC News series that presents a news story in they style of a Jerry Bruckheimer show — complete with extraneous glamour shots and practiced dialogue. Cronkite, I’m sure, would have hated it. I hope his legacy lives on.

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